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VoIP, Bandwidth Optimization and Protocol Conversion

[Nx2222 Product Image]NSGDatacom family of optimization routers improves operating economics and manageability of access and backhaul networks by merging IP telephony, cellular and conventional voice/data communications in a series of scalable product solutions. Nx2200 series products use a variety of bandwidth optimization techniques, including our industry-leading voice and data compression software, and feature extensive TDM to IP gateway and interoperability functions. The newest member of the family, the Nx2222, is a modular design for aggregating and optimizing Cellular backhaul and PSTN trunks, with automated disaster recovery over satellite, wireless or terrestrial networks.

NSG Voice over IP (VoIP) Primer

Automatic Voice and Data Fail-over | Facsimile Solutions for IP Networks | Satellite Backup for Terrestrial T1/E1
VoIP - Optimized for Satellite
| European Space Agency VoIP | Netrix Airport VoIP Communications Solution
Netrix Enterprise VoIP Solution
| Netrix Satellite VoIP Solution | Netrix VoIP Call Center Solution
VoIP Solutions for Bandwidth Challenged Environments | VoIP Packet Optimization

Patching and Switching

[Cat5 Modular Product Image]The Dynetcom patching products offer flexible solutions capable of supporting the mixing of T1/E1, Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet modules in one chassis.

Dynetcom’s switching range of products offer the user ease of access to data circuits for testing, monitoring, and patch back-up.

RJ45 Patching Application

Military Communications

[HF Modem Product Image]NSGDatacom is a leader in deployable systems for the Military. Our field-proven HF modems have been deployed in air, ground and shipboard applications worldwide for over 20 years. Our modular RJ45 patch panels provide maximum flexibility, and reliability, and are currently deployed in various U.S. Marine Corps, and U.S. Navy mobile systems in Iraq. Our voice compression technology is used extensively for its voice quality and bandwidth efficiency over satellite connections.

Deployable Systems

RAS Remote Access Services

Connectivity solutions for Server Applications requiring access to remote devices over PSTN/ISDN/Wireless and IP.

IP Connectivity for Remote Access Services | Modem Gateway for IP and Wireless

Transaction Switches for Point of Sale, Lottery and Banking Systems

Supporting SCADA Protocols over IP | Connecting Legacy Lottery Terminals over IP | NSGDatacom Lottery Product Solutions
NSGDatacom Banking Product Solutions | Netrix Transaction Network Solution

WAN Switching

Nx2500 for Cellular Networks | Frame Relay Networks | ASC DSLAM Aggregation Solutions | ASC Multi-Protocol Solutions

Telex and Email Integration

Telenor Telex Satellite Services Application

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