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VoIP Packet Optimization

Leveraging years of experience in building integrated communications solutions, our VoIPAK and VoIPZIP products provide Service Providers the ability to optimize VoIP bandwidth utilizatiion. Our products offer an ideal solution to bandwidth optimization, minimizing bandwidth usage for both voice and data transport while maintaining high quality of service to existing users, and facilitating the gradual deployment of additional physical circuits to support the growth of new services.

Nx2205DThe Nx2205D VoIPAK is a packet optimization gateway for trunking multiple SIP and MGCP calls. Simple to install, the VoIPAK combines voice packets from multiple VoIP calls destined for the same location into a single IP packet. VoIPAK provides a reduction in packet thoughput of up to 50:1 and a bandwidth savings of up to 3:1.

In addition to providing all the packet optimization functions of VoIPAK, VoIPZIP also provides the capability to compress the VoIP payload and provide additional bandwidth savings of up to 16:1.

VoIPAK and VoIPZIP products are simple to install and operate completely transparently to users. They operate in point to point and fully meshed environments and are fully supported by the NetrixView GUI based Network Managment System.

Our unique experience over the past 10 years with US Military communications and carrier grade voice compression places us as the industry leader in deployed mission critical voice compression technology. Our product solutions are used daily in military and carrier networks, and are also installed at airports and aerospace agencies, international corporations, commercial call centers and numerous other voice and data over satellite applications.

VoIPAK and VoIPZIP Application Note

last updated: 2-June-15